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Gutenberg Bookstore

Gutenberg Bookstore

Situated in the center of the city, the Gutenberg Bookstore in some of the newest places for book lovers in Oradea. With a number of over 7,000 titles, the bookstore succeeded to attract, in a single year, over 10,000 customers.
Along with a very rich selection of books, customers listen to good music, drink a refreshing tea or can see art pieces of well-known and appreciated artists. And if that says so much about the Gutenberg Bookstore, then this is because here you can always find more than books.
Gutenberg organizes and houses over 50 cultural events annually. Thus, meetings were held with some of the most well-known writers from Romania and not only, among which include Adam Puslojic, Dragoljub Firulovic, Laurian Stanchescu, Ioan Moldovan, Mihai Vieru, and many others.
Our bookstore attracted a community of loyal customers who constantly search for other ways to saciate their intellectual needs, succeeded to create, through the values in which it believes: innovation, the promotion of authentic values, flexibility, a place and an atmosphere dedicated to those who know how to savor the pleasures of life and are lovers of valuable books and quality cultural products.
In the same time, the Bookstore offers to priests, monks, nuns, laics, and all others interested in cultured objects, icons, specialty books, as well as necessary products for the decorating of their churches.
And along with all of this, we need to mention that 20% of the sales of the books and cultured objects is directed monthly to the beneficiaries of the Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association.


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