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Official Rules
Art. 1 The lottery organizer
Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association established in 10th of December 2004, by Decision no 92/A/2004 issued by Oradea Courthouse, with tax code RO17085486, legally represented by priest
Todorean Olimpiu is the organizer of Lottery for Ioanis day Center, hereinafter Lottery.
The participants of the Lottery are required to respect the terms and conditions of the Official Rules. The Official Rules is freely available to any participant at the organizers headquarter and also on the website
The organizer reserve the right to add and/or modify the Official Rules, the completion and/or modify will be announced through the ways mentioned upper.
Art. 2 Lottery place and duration
The lottery will be held between 20th March 2014 and 26th May 2014, being organized and held on Romanian territory. Tickets can be bought from Gutenberg Library, Ep Mihai Pavel Street no 4 Oradea, from Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association headquarters, Ep Mihai Pavel Street no 3 and also from Caritas volunteers.
Art. 3 Right of participation
At the Lottery may participate any person, with Romanian or foreign citizenship. The participation at the lottery means full and free consent acceptance of the provision of the Official rules.
By signing up for the Lottery, the winning participants, chosen from the drawn, agree that the name, surname, domicile and won prize to be made public.
Art. 4 Condition of participation
To be able to participate at the Lottery the people have to buy a ticket. The price for one ticket is 5 lei.
Art. 5 How to conduct
Individual who are informed by various means about the conduct of the Lottery have to buy at least one ticket in order to participate, this ticket has a number from 1 to 5000. The number on the ticket has a corresponding number on the spine.
The tickets must be kept in order to claim the prize. On 29th May will take place the selection in which the prizes will be awarded.
Art. 6 The prizes awarded in the Lottery
The prizes awarded in this Lottery will be:
1st Prize: A week in Rimini, Italy, for two persons.
Prize 2: School automotive class B.
Prize 3: A weekend in Baile 1 Mai for two.
Prize 4: A weekend in Coada Lacului for two.
5th Prize: dinner for two at Hanul cu Noroc Oradea.
Prize 6: a dinner for two at Hanul cu Noroc Oradea.
Prize 7: A blender.
Prize 8:A coffee machine Bosch Tassimo.
Prize 9: A cosmetic kit for two.
Prize 10: A vitamin pack for two.
Prize 11: a vitamin pack for two.
Prize 12: a board game (chess, backgammon, dominoes).
Prize 13: a travel bag.
Prize 14: A travel bag.
Prize 15: A wallet
The trip rules
The one week trip for two persons to Rimini rules, July 2014. Couples are accepted only if married.
Transportation: Roundtrip transportation is provided by plane Timisoara (Romania) - Forli (Italy) or equivalent fuel if you want to go by car. Warning: health insurance is not included.
Accommodation: the accommodation for the two persons will be in a guest room located in Diocesan Caritas Rimini’s building. The room has two beds and own bathroom. On the hallway there is a TV, a refrigerator and a washing machine. (Will be shared with the occupants of the other rooms) The reception will be made of a Romanian volunteer who will be the contact person during the stay in Rimini.
Meal: The prize ensure tree meals daily for two persons: breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the canteen of Caritas. The meals are served as follow: breakfast 7:30-8:00, lunch 13:00-13:30 and dinner 19:15-20:00. The presence is no mandatory.
Art. 7 Prize drawn and validity conditions
The prize drawn will take place on 29th May 2014, 14.00 o’clock; at Caritas Eparhial Oradea Associations headquarter, with the press.
The prize drawn will start wit prize number 14 to number 1 from the prize list.
The winning ticket with the corresponding prizes will be displayed on the association’s site, and published in the press the day after the drawn.
Persons holding a winning lottery ticket can come to claim their prize after the announcement of the winning numbers any time from Monday to Friday 9:00-15:00, but not later than 10th June 2014. The prizes will be given at Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association, Ep Mihai Pavel no 3.
To claim prizes, winners must come with their ticket with the winning number. Awards will be given personal to the person with the winning ticket. To be considered valid, the ticket must perfectly mach with the other part remained on the spine of the block.
In this Lottery the prizes offered can’t be replaced with its value or other benefits.
Art. 8 Pre-scheduled termination of the Lottery
The pre-scheduled termination of the Lottery can happen only in case of an event constituting force majeure, including the impossibility, from reasons beyond him of the organizer to continue the Lottery.
Situations considered above are assimilated acts of public power of a court or other public authorities.
In the cases considered in this section, the organizer is not held to any obligation to participants.
Art. 9 Responsibilities
The organizer of the Lottery will award the prizes to the winners according to these Rules. Any decision taken by the Lottery organizer is final and not subject to any appeal. The organizer will not engage in any exchange of correspondence, nor engage in any communications about the Lottery winners, Lottery results procedural issues, except those specified in this Rules.
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