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Inauguration Maria Rosa Social Center

Inauguration Maria Rosa Social Center

On 1 September 2011, Caritas Eparhial Oradea inaugurated the Social Centre „Maria Rosa\". The event was attended by PSS Virgil Bercea (Bishop of Oradea of Romanian Bishopric United with Rome, Greek-Catholic), sister Maria Gabriela Bortot (superior of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters Congregation of Christ, in Rimini, Italy, with sister Lorela and the sisters present in Oradea), Dr. Phil. Gabrielle Peus-Bispinck (Münster, Germany), Mr Radu Ţârle (Bihor County Council Chairman), Mr Gheorghe Carp (deputy mayor of Oradea), employees and volunteers of the association and over 120 guests.
The inauguration ceremony started with welcoming words of Fr. Olimpiu Todorean (president of Caritas Eparhial Oradea), followed by building sanctification by PSS Virgil, unveiling of plaque, award diplomas of merit, ribbon cutting and visit of the centre. At the proposal of Caritas Eparhial Oradea the Diocesan Cross, the highest distinction of the Diocese of Oradea was given by PSS Virgil Bercea to sister Maria Gabriela Bortot, Mrs. Gabrielle Peus-Bispinck, Father Antonio Rosi, president of the Chiese del\'est, Brescia, Italy, Father Michael Moisin, USA, and Mayor Ilie Bolojan.
On this occasion, thank you Sister Maria Teresa, who was a fervent supporter of this idea: building a canteen where the poor can enjoy a meal in civilized conditions. Thank you Florin Chilian songwriter: a person who supported and encouraged us to achieve such a social centre. Thank you, the very special, Mayor Ilie Bolojan, who understood the need for such a centre and supported us every time it took to complete the work. I do not want to overlook the help of the social adviser of Oradea City Hall, Mrs. Florica Cherecheş who always gave us positive feedback and encouraged us in our efforts. With skill and diligence have contributed to raising the Social Center Maria Rosa, architect Radu Fortiş, SC Edil Coneco Ltd., Mr. Eng. Victor Tămaş, project supervisor.
Center building was built in 2010-2011, on land leased by the City Council of Oradea City Hall, and cost over 250,000 euros, money that came from donations and sponsorships.
Ought to thank those who were financially involved in this project: the Congregation of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of Christ, in Rimini, Italy, the Diocese of Rimini, Italy; Association Chiese del\'est, Brescia, Italy, Diocese of St. George, USA , Dr. Phil. Gabrielle Peus-Bispinck, Münster, Germany; SC Tiger Amira SRL, SC Proges SRL.
God will reward all the benefactors.
We recall that the services to be provided in this center will be: social canteen for 50 people, showers for the homeless, day care center for children, young mothers resort, centre for psychological counseling. From now on here will work also the office for social assistance.
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
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