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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


Str. Mihai Pavel nr. 3
410210 - Oradea, BH







Thousands of stars for the poor

Thousands of stars for the poor

In front of the State Theatre from Oradea, the Associations Caritas Eparhial and Catholic Caritas Oradea, have lit candles for the poor children, for the homeless, for the elderly, for those who are sick and those who are marginalized.
          The name of the action is given by the symbolic number of the candles that were light Saturday by the two organizations. This is a copied model from entire Europe. Trough these Caritas organizations tried to offer a spark of hope for the marginalized and those who are suffering.
The night was enchanted by the marvellous light of the candles. In this way the Organizations joined the same event that happened simultaneously in Iaşi, Satu-Mare, Târgu-Mureş, Cluj-Napoca, Blaj and Timişoara. Also this event/demonstration takes place before Christmas in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg.
          We tried to offer signs and encourage a society that is fighting against poverty and social exclusion. Our solidarity gesture may be seen as a light, a light of hope, that was born in the souls of those who are seeing „The Spring of Light”, in this world, declared O.T the president of Caritas Association.
          As a guest of honour the event was blessed by the presence of the Virgil Bercea, bishop of the Greek catholic church, that blessed/sanctified the candles and prayed in Romanian and Hungarian for those in need.
Crina Dobocan
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