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Call for Good Samaritan Sunday collet

Call for Good Samaritan Sunday collet

Grace and peace from God and from us blessing to all who bring offerings and do good to our churches and holy fully remember the poor.
+ Virgil Bercea
Dear faithful,
F. Family case reflects the change that a hot soup can make in people's lives. The father works as a journeyman, mother gave birth a few weeks ago, and Ana is the girl of 6 years. Father lost his job after an accident, the mother applied for obtaining disability pension, with the major issues and newborn allowance will take just over three months. At first glance the girl is like any other little girl at 6 years, but we can see that she is very weak, pale and characterized by an unusual recklessness, rather than natural childish, curiosity.
The mother calls for support to Caritas in providing food for the child, not being able to find another solution to provide necessary food. Quiet and shy, she ensures me that it is only for a short period, after which things will work out. After two days of sharing a meal, the children's father had to be hospitalized because of dehydration. I asked why they did not share the food received, the answer being, "the most important is the child."
After several weeks, every day a little girl appears in the association’s court, playful, full of energy and curiosity. She tells me - the social worker says – that she eats the soup for lunch and the second course is kept for the dinner dish. She is very careful that for the morning it remains a slice of bread for breakfast.
Through a daily hot meal provided we changed the harsh reality of the world for a girl who was not ill, which had not had to fight for her life looking for food scraps in the bin, at six years. Through this constant support we have prevented the decline in living standards, we have provided an opportunity and hope.
In this spirit, Caritas Eparhial Oradea continues the tradition of "Good Samaritan" Sunday, day in which it is organized each year a special collection. Therefore, the money dated November 14, 2010, "Good Samaritan" Sunday will be offered by each parish to the association.
The collect of this year will be devoted to continuation of the project "A hot meal for the poor", run by the association and the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Christ”, in which 30 people receive daily a hot meal.
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
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