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In prayer 24 hours: “Charity Rosary”

In prayer 24 hours: “Charity Rosary”

For the eighth consecutive year on October the 23rd and 24th, took place in St. George Parish in Oradea "Rosary of 24 hours." Prayer groups and associations were invited to the Charity Rosary, prayer theme of this year. They answered the call: Copiii claselor I-IV ai Liceului Greco-Catolic din Oradea; Copiii claselor V-XII ai Liceului Greco-Catolic din Oradea; Oratoriul „Maria Imaculata” de la Parohia „Sfântul Nicolae”; Asociaţia „Reuniunea Mariană” şi Asociaţia „Vârsta a Treia”; Grupul „Alegria” de la Mănăstirea „Maica Domnului”;Asociaţia Generală a Românilor Uniţi (AGRU); Studenţii teologi de la Seminarul „Sfinţii Trei Ierarhi” şi Studenţii de la Colegiul “Sfânta Familie”; Asociaţia Terţiarilor Franciscani, Grupul de rugăciune „Preasfânta Inimă a lui Isus” şi Grupul „Rozarul viu”; Asociaţia Tineretului Român Unit (ASTRU); Credincioşii parohiei „Sfântul Gheorghe”; Asociaţia „Cercetaşii Români Uniţi”, in order to ensure 24 hours of continuous prayer. Believers who want to join this prayer could continue to do so at any time in the spring of 24 hours, at the Church of St. George, in their parish or family.
The theme of this prayer was not chosen by chance. If in previous years we prayed for bishops, martyrs, recovery of the churches, for life, family, mothers, unity in diversity, priests, this year the European Year for Combating Poverty and social exclusion, we first asked for all those living in extreme poverty so that they may have the power to find their way out of poverty in struggling. Secondly, we asked the civil authorities that they find the tools and resources necessary to help these people to find employment and living conditions, the dignity of man. Thirdly, but not last, we asked out of the spiritual and moral poverty that we are all more or less.
The words of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to pray and do good deeds we have passed it to all participants in this moment of prayer, urging them to return home to live their faith through the "Yes" and do good deeds.
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
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