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DAR apartment building is ready to receive other families

DAR apartment building is ready to receive other families

Inaugurated last year, at the finalization of its construction, DAR apartment building built by the Caritas Eparchial Association is now ready to receive new tenants. In the past months, every apartment was completely furnished and equipped with appliances (TV, washing machine, fridge, cooking stove, stove hood) in order to offer all favourable conditions to the families who will live in the apartments for a period of maximum 5 years. The apartment building is situated in Oradea, on Ioan Cantacuzino Street at number 56. Every apartment has two rooms, one bathroom and one kitchen.
The apartments are destined to families who do not have material and financial means, in which one adult left the social protection system (orphanage or foster home) and aged 35 years old, at most. The family has to prove the fact that it does not have debts to the state and local budget and at the same time that they have one workplace and/or have worked in the past 12 months.
During 12-31 July 2016, from Monday to Friday between 9.00-17.00 files of interested families to live in one of the apartments can be submitted, in Oradea, Ep. M. Pavel Street at number 4, at Gutenberg Library.
Each file must contain:
* Copy of the ID of each adult and after the birth certificates of children (if any).
* Copy of the Marriage Certificate (if any).
* Certificate issued by DGASPC (for those brought up in an orphanage) or the cessation of the action placement for those who have been entrusted to an orphanage.
*Contact: telephone and e-mail address.
During 1-5 August 2016 interviews will be held. After the evaluation of the files and the interviews, there will be selected families who will live in the apartment building. Until August 10, all those who have filed for a response will receive acceptance or rejection of their inquiry.
The families who will move into the apartment building will sign a contract in which they will commit to pay monthly expenses, household insurance and also to deposit into their account, each months an amount of money (to be determined depending on the income of each family). Monthly savings are designed to provide certainty to the families after their exit from the apartment building.
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