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Haiti – The reconstruction begins!

Haiti – The reconstruction begins!

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, in the Romanian catholic churches took place a collect for helping the victims of the disaster. The Romanian Bishop Conference and Caritas Romania Confederation called for a solidarity gesture towards the population from Haiti. Here, on January 12 the earthquake killed over 200.000 persons and over one million persons were left homeless. On a national level the sum of 240.000, - Euro, was donated, the largest sum ever donated by Caritas Romania. (Caritas Eparchial Oradea collected and sent 35.000 lei). The collected funds will be used for financing first of all reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. A first project was already started: in Leogane, where Caritas Romania supports the reconstruction of an asylum for elders and disabled persons. In this institution also exists an elementary school, both belonging to a catholic nun’s congregation?
Caritas Romania Confederation supports the reconstruction of the „Saint Vincent de Paul” asylum, Leogane. In the first phase, a few buildings will be rearranged as soon as possible in order to become again inhabitable, because the conditions in the tents where the beneficiary of the asylum found temporary shelter are hard to bear for elders and handicapped persons. During day time the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, almost every day there are storms and torrential rain.
A team from Caritas Germany involves directly, on-site, together with Sister Claudette in organizing rehabilitation. It has already been organized a team which cleans the ground off the rubbish from collapsed buildings. Mean while the repairing started at the buildings which were not entirely destroyed. The constructions are, for now, supported and assured with metallic scaffolds in order to become habitable. The next step is to furnish them with beds in order that the beneficiary of the asylum can return to their bedrooms.
In a second phase the construction specialists will examine the structure of the buildings in order to establish the level of safety which they can offer. Together with Sister Claudette, the manager of the institution, it will be decided which buildings will be demolished and replaced with new ones.
Caritas Romania Confederation supports the reconstruction of the asylum „Saint Vincent de Paul” with 50.000,- EURO.
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