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Official Statement

Official Statement

The food suply distribution is a holiday for the beneficiars and for the organization in the same time.
During the fasting period before the Easter we organised a food drive in four greco-catholic churches in Oradea ( The Cathedral "Sfântul Nicolae", Chruch "Maica Domnului", Church "Sfânta Treime" and Church "Sfântul Gheorghe")
The supplies have been colected through the help of the volunteers. During the fasting period, every Sunday, 31 volunteers with ages between 16 and 74, got involved in the food drive.
In total, the persons that chose to give some time for the food drive gathered 243 of volunteering hours. If we want to calculate the value of their work we will have the amount of 1.579,5 lei.
During this activity the colected supplies were: oil (176 de liters), flour (324 kg), sugar (171 kg), rice (93 de kg), etc. with a value of 3.181 lei. Some of the believers chosed to make donations. Tha donation sumed 7.285 lei.
With the gathered food supplies we offer bags with food during the entire year. The supplies are going to over 80 famillies who have incomes that are not enough not even for one daily meal. From their income these famillies are barely able to pay the monthly billes of the rent. We also are supporting eldery persons with food supplies who live alone. For some of this persons the food that they receive from us means a help for the next few months.
This year 50 famillies chose to take their pack of food before the Easter Hollidays.
Caritas Eparhial
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