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The Inauguration of the Second Hand Shop “dinŞifonier”

The Inauguration of the Second Hand Shop “dinŞifonier”

Oradea Eparchial Caritas Association inaugurated today the second hand shop “dinŞifonier”, which is situated in Oradea, 76 Decebal Str., Apt. Building C6 ground floor, across the former factory Înfrăţirea.
At the opening there were representatives of the Association, of the partner SC Public Euroconsulting SRL, potential clients and the press.
“Besides social care interventions, focusing on the needs of the elderly people and feeding the homeless, Oradea Eparchial Caritas Association wants to generate a change among underprivileged social groups by creating more jobs for them” declared Fr. Olimpiu Todorean, Chairman of the Association.
“The customers of this shop will have the opportunity to buy different things at a good price, they can also benefit both from what they purchase and from contributing to the social change, as the profit made will be exclusively used for social purposes” declared Monica Suciu, the project manager.
“The Shop “dinŞifonier” is the concept of a second hand store that offers clothing, shoes, furniture, daily use objects and high quality appliances by trained staff, at accessible prices to all customers. It will be open every Monday to Friday from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.” said Bianca Gheţe, shop administrator.
“dinŞifonier” is a new brand name among the second hand clothes shops in Oradea. It is a social economy structure of created within Sectoral Operational programme Human Resources Development; the project called “Active Involvement For Community Development”, financed by the Social European Fund.
Beginning with January 5 2015, Oradea Eparchial Caritas Association, in a partnership with SC Public Euconsulting SRL implements the project “Active Involvement For Community Development”, financed by the Social European Fund, Sectoral Operational programme Human Resources Development. The general goal of the project is to facilitate access to labour market a number of 60 people belonging to socially vulnerable groups. It is the reason for which three forms of social economy were initiated within the project. They created 16 working places for vulnerable people: the building company SC CEO CONSTRUCT SRL, the retail trading company SC CEO STORE SRL and a candle shop SC ARDDOR D-LUXE SRL.
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