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The winning Lottery Numbers

Today, June 4, in the presence of the press, we found out what the winning number in the lottery organised by Oradea Eparchial Caritas Association are. The money raised will be used for the Day Care Centre in Ioaniş.
5,000 tickets in value of 5 RON each were printed. 2,594 tickets were sold resulting an amount of RON 12,970. 51 tickets were considered as null as they had different marks on them.
In the drawing there were 2,543 tickets.
Two sets of tickets which means a number of 100 tickets did not take part in the drawing because the volunteers failed to bring them to the Head Office. They are the following: 0701 – 0750 and 1301 – 1350.
The drawing began with winner number 12 to number 1 in the list of prizes. The committee declared the drawn tickets valid and recorder in the document no. 183/04.06.2015. The members were: Fr. Olimpiu Todorean, Chairman, and Adela Popa Ghiţulescu, Chief Executive.
The winning tickets and the prizes offered were the following:
Winning ticket Prize offered
939 12: a wallet
3523 11: a wallet
2154 10: a packet of vitamins for 2 people
1557 9: a packet of vitamins for 2 people
321 8: a beauty gift set for 2 people
1950 7: a pair of Leonardo shoes
323 6: a kitchen robot
1489 5: a dinner for two people at the Hanul cu Noroc Restaurant, Oradea
3647 4: a dinner for two people at the Hanul cu Noroc Restaurant, Oradea
301 3: a week-end for two people at Coada Lacului;
2108 2: Category B driving lessons for one person;
4499 1: a week in Rimini, Italy, for two people;
Those who have a winning ticket can claim the prize as soon as the results are known and are welcome to come to the Head Office of Oradea Eparchial Caritas Association, 3 Ep. M. Pavel Street, from Monday to Friday, starting from 9 o’clock until 3 p.m., before June 10. To receive the prize, the winners must show their ticket. It has to be valid and match the stub.
The prizes can neither be exchanged for their value in money, nor can the winners be given some other objects.
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