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Raffle for Ioanis Day Center

Raffle for Ioanis Day Center

Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association, is organizing The Raffle for Ioanis Day Center. The raffle campaign is organized in the period 2nd of May 2015- 01st of June 2015. Tickets can be purchased from Gutenberg Bookstore, 4 Ep. Mihai Pavel St, Oradea, from Caritas Eparchial Oradea headquarters, 4 Ep. Mihai Pavel St, Oradea as well as from caritas volunteers. In order to participate, people have to buy at least one Raffle ticket. The value of a ticket is of 5 Lei. The Participation Regulation can be consulted at the organizer’s headquarters or on site, free of charge, by any solicitant.
The prizes awarded for raffle participation are as follows:
1st prize: One week for 2 persons in Rimini, Italy; 2nd prize: Driving Courses, B Category for one person; 3rd prize: A weekend for 2 persons at Coada Lacului; 4th prize: Dinner for 2 persons at Hanul cu Noroc; 5th prize: Dinner for 2 persons at Hanul cu Noroc; 6th prize: Blender; 7th prize: A pair of shoes from Leonardo Store; 8th prize: Cosmetic Kit for 2 persons; 9th prize: Vitamins for 2 persons; 10th prize: Vitamins for 2 persons; 11th prize: A wallet; 12th prize: A wallet.
Prize draw will be organized on 4th of June 2015, at 2 pm, at Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association headquarters, in the presence of media representatives. Any person who is willing to participate in the raffle prize draw can do it. The winning numbers are to be displayed on the site of the association, and it will be published in Oradea media in the days following the draw.
Persons who are in possession of a winning raffle ticket can came to claim their prize any time after the announcement of the winning tickets, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm, but not later than 12th of June 2015. Prize award shall be made at the headquarters of Caritas Eparchial Oradea, 4 Ep. Mihai Pavel St, Oradea
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
Day Center expenses
5.252 lei total monthly expenses for the center
169,41 lei daily expenses for the center
3,85 lei / child
Day Center for children in Ioanis was founded by The Congregation Minimum Sisters of Purgatory Queen in 2013. In 2014, Caritas Eparchial Oradea took over the Center, resuming the activity on 2nd of October by offering specialized social services to children coming from poor families.
Social services for 44 children from 1st to 4th grade are offered daily at our Day Center. 30 other children, 5th to 8th grade participate to entertaining activities organized at the Center, every Friday.
The beneficiaries of Day Center services are children on the verge of school dropout, coming from single parent families or from families in need.
The services offered to children from Ioanis at Day Center, are specialized social services aimed at school dropout prevention, at assuring proper conditions for growth, education and professional development, as well as at developing individual ability to overcome his social condition.
In order to fulfill the main purpose of its activity, Ioanis Day Center provides a proper environment to children to grow and to develop properly by helping them to integrate in the society being offered equal chances to education as the other children have.
Ioanis Day Center operating hours are on daily schedule, from Monday to Friday, from 12 pm to 4.30 pm. The activity program is organized according to children’s real needs. Thus, children benefit from hot meal and a snack daily, assuring caloric resources for proper body and mind development. The help given to homework process and extra tutoring activity support the parents in educating their children. Children also participate in educational formal and informal activities making them to adopt certain attitude or to have a certain behavior, thus building psycho-social profile.
The aim of creational activities is to discover children’s artistic and musical talents according to preferences and particularities of each child. These activities are organized for making postcards, pictures, drawings, collages and different objects. The organized recreational activities offer to children the chance to participate to relaxing or playing activities in their spare time. Children also participate in morally- religion related activities when they are informed on the importance of faith.
All these activities are organized for the benefit of children, helping them to have a proper development, to become correct, honest and responsible individuals and to respect themselves and the others as well.
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