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The school can be organized differently… in Maria Rosa Social Center

The school can be organized differently… in Maria Rosa Social Center

In the period 6-10 April current year, IX – XII grade pupils of Partenie Cosma Economical High school in Oradea have participated daily to Maria Rosa Social Center activity. The 47 pupils have been accompanied by their teachers Monica Faur, Adriana Miclăuş, Sanda Miclăuş and Mihaela Moca. The teachers have been an example for their own pupils by proving total involvement in all the activities proposed by the association. The field they got involved in was the social one, in Social Canteen Activity and Social Showers. The association have been presented by the social worker to each class, each pupils being instructed, guided and supervised throughout the entire activity.
There was a general cleaning activity organized inside the Social Canteen by cleaning windows, doors, tiles, chairs and tables. All 4 toilets from Social Showers Department have been cleaned as well, and hygiene products have been distributed to beneficiaries in order to take their shower.
Pupils have been offered the chance to meet homeless people, to know their loneliness and poverty by participating in preparing and serving lunch to beneficiaries. This situation generated the appreciation and awareness of family value and proper living conditions that the pupils have.
The young people have harnessed their talent by proving active involvement. They have been open minded and enthusiastic to being able to make themselves useful to people in need. At the beginning, they were reluctant but, by the end of the program, they have changed entirely showing satisfaction and spiritual fulfilment by being compassionate and full of empathy towards the beneficiaries of the association.
The experience was a positive one for all pupils, it was a challenge and a stimulation for them to charity work, expressing their intention of becoming volunteers of our association.
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