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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


Str. Mihai Pavel nr. 3
410210 - Oradea, BH









Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association is organizing a collect of non-perishable food in ERA Shopping Park (Calea Aradului St.) and Selgros Cash&Carry Oradea, from 12 pm to 9 pm in the period 02- 10 April 2015. The food collect is being organized for more than 80 children who attend Oradea and Ioanis Day Center.
The volunteers of the Association can be seen in ERA Shopping Park and Selgros Cash&Carry informing the people who do their shopping in these locations that they have the opportunity to make a charitable gesture by donating one or more products from their shopping list to the children attending our day centers.
All donated products shall be registered at Caritas stand. A part of these products will be given to poor families in our community and the other part of products will be used for preparing the lunch for children who attend the day centers of Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association.
All families are subject to a social investigation in order to get familiarized directly to their situation and to be able to select that families that really need help and support. There is a social services contract signed with each family, which establishes the obligation of each party. The purpose of our intervention is to offer support to the families in need in order to help them get out of this difficult situation and become independent.
We can probably give up very easily to 1 liter of oil or 1 kg of pasta. And we can also think that “I cannot give more” or “it is not much” but it is a big deal for those families composed of members who lost their jobs and live in rented houses or for those families who have sick people in their care and all the financial resources are directed toward that member of the family. It may seem little for you to donate 1 liter of oil or 1 kg of pasta but considering that not only one but one hundred people give up to 1 liter of oil or 1 kg of pasta, these poor children will have food for lunch for a long period of time.
We invite you all to visit us in Era Shopping Park and Selgros Cash & Carry until 10th of April 2015 and to think for a couple of minutes to those who are in difficult situations and try to be good to those around you by giving them a little of what you have.
We are looking forward to see you!
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