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Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

Friday, 12th of March 2010, took place the second edition of the Red Nose March. The March is part of the Red Nose Day, a international day which took place first on 25th of December in Great Britain as a reaction of the civilised world to the problem of poverty in The Black Continent, particularly in Ethiopia.
The objective of the March organized by Caritas Eparhial Oradea was to bring a smile on the faces of the people of Oradea and to distribute balloons and smiles. Also, the clowns had the chance to promote them self's and, in the same time to point out the volunteering idea. Trough this march the clowns had the opportunity to act outside the hospital, where they usually have the activities.
16 young volunteers of Caritas Eparhial Association of Oradea participated in this March, youth that either are clowns for some years now, or volunteers that are now learning how to be a clown in the course that is taking place this days.
Against the rainy and cold weather, the March was a very happy one, and the passers in the center of Oradea received balloons, chocolate and, of course, smiles.
Messages like ,,A smile dose not cost,, and ,,Smile, pleas!,, made the people of Oradea, for at least few moments, to forget about the problems, to change the daily monotony and, in the end, to smile.
Ana-Maria Lazăr
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