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Conference on project

Conference on project

“Active involvement for community development”
Today, 26th of January 2015, Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association, in partnership with SC Public Euroconsulting SRL held the Conference on "Active involvement for community development" project, financed by the European Social Fund through Human Resources Development Operational Programme. The Conference was held in Greco-Catholic Seminary 20 Traian Park, Oradea.
In the Confrence the project objectives, activities to be implemented, the project outputs and indicators were presented. Throughout the project, the overall objective is to improve access to labor market in the North-West of Romania, Bihor of a number of 60 persons belonging to vulnerable groups (Roma people).
The project will be implemented in the period 5th of January – 31st of December 2015 and it has a budget of 2,193,040 lei. Throughout the project training courses and short courses will be organized for 60 Roma people. Of these, 16 people will be employed in 3 social economy departments (construction company, second hand clothing and furniture warehouse sale and candle making workshop) and at least 5 Roma people will be employed in the labor market as a result of providing labor mediation services.
The conference was attended by local NGOs, potential beneficiaries and local authorities, who were able to predict the impact of the project on the communities where it will be implemented.
"The project targets mainly Roma people in Oradea and communities in Sântandrei and Finis, who will receive free training in the working areas provided by the 3 forms of social economy: construction company, second hand clothing and furniture warehouse sale and candle making workshop. We believe that the project activities will make a beneficial change among the beneficiaries, as many of them will become active individuals who contribute to the state budget, and will not need to be passively assisted through state budget" said Monica Suciu , project manager.
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