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Poor people served by the bishop

Poor people served by the bishop

On Christmas, families meet, share rich meals, sing carols and eat tasty food. But in our city there also are homeless people, lonely, old and needy people who have nothing to eat and nobody to open the door to them. Caritas Eparchial Association thought, this year as well, to provide heat and hot meals on Christmas for approximately 100 persons who either have no place to live or have had nobody entering in their homes for quite a while.
„Christmas is a family holiday. We, Caritas Eparchial Oradea wanted to be the family for needy people. By providing hot meals, together with our volunteers and employees, we wished to make all those present feel this holiday spirit” said Vasile Soptea, Caritas Eparchial Oradea social canteen administrator
His Grace Virgil Bercea is not at his first experience of this kind. On many other occasions, he served more than 1,000 poor people who eat a hot meal in Sant'Egidio Community. In his view, a small gesture can feed the needy soul and body.
"Such gestures give me a high dose of energy. We must have love and compassion for the forgotten or socially marginalized people. We rejoice with them, and that is great. We must make good to our neighbors" confessed Bishop Virgil Bercea.
50 persons who live on the edge of existence have their daily meal at „Maria Rosa”, the canteen of the social center; this people are selected by the social assistants of Caritas Eparchial Association.
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