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Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association together with the Greek-Catholic Bishopry of Oradea, under the high patronage of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Romania, supported by Renovabis organises, between February 18th-20th, 2015, at Oradea, the international conference Roma Migration: dilemmas and perspectives of the European Union.
The conference is adressed mainly to specialists and persons active in the field of migration and/or Roma, from countries of origins as well as from destination countries.
Context and motivation
Migration is a complex issue and it is Roma migration, in fact, that launched the whole process of sustained attention to the issue of Roma exclusion in the European Union. At present, the Roma migration represents, for European developed countries, a challenge and a dilema in the same time, which requires urgent answers and viable solutions.
The Church feels it is its obligation to bring its contribution, at several levels, to increasing the life quality of the Roma. The preocupation for Roma and other vulnerable groups has an important contribution.
As a reaction to the public debate on the increasing migration of the Roma from S-E Europe, the German Bishopry Conference’s Commission for Migration issued, in August 2014, a document entitled: Chances for social integration of the citizens with Roma origins – a challenge for Germany and Europe.
The starting point of this document is a request from Pope Francis to detach from a society dominated by fear and a continuous need for counter-attack, by lack of interest, discrimination and exclusion and to creat a a culture of listening and tolerance
Themes and participants
Reasons, chosen destinations, migrants’ profiles, social and economic impact, integration, myths and realities, perspectives from several points of view. Approaches and solutions – did they work, so far? Do they need improvement or change?
Representatives of national governmental institutions, of European institutions active in this specific field, of civil society and of different representatives of Roma organisations from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Romania will be invited to attend this conference and work together on finding the ways to better adress this very actual and, in the same time, challenging issue.
The organizers intend to formulate a closing statement addressed to international policy makers aimed
at raising awareness about the long term challenges of Roma migration. Based on the actual context and facts, a set of basic principles will be proposed respectively a package of measures to be taken in the future will be included in this final document.
The event is planned to be highly interactive and self organising, providing a frame for sharing, thinking and learning together.
There will be opportunities to share project experiences [successfull or not], questions and best practices. Participants are expected to build new connections and think together about burning issues around Roma migration and plan future actions together.
By using the principles of the work-caffe respectively of the open space methods, participants are the ones who will agree upon the specific themes of the debates and in the end will draw out the final conclusions.
As part of the conference programme there will be also organised a visit to a local Roma community living in a village [70 km far from Oradea] where Caritas Eparhial Oradea runs a day center for Roma children, aimed at preventing school abandonment amongst these children who are coming from a very poor background.
The deadline for submitting the registration form, filled in, was extended to January 20th, 2015.
Considering the limited number of participants at this event, the organisers expect to receive the registration form as quickly as possible and in due time.
Until January 22nd, 2015, those registered will receive from the organisers, the confirmation for the participation in the conference.
Participation fee and costs
No participaton fee required.
The organisers can cover the costs with accomodation and meals only for participants from CEE countries []: Bulgaria, Csech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
For participants from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, the organisers can cover only the costs with meals while the accommodation costs will be covered by the participants. Participants from these countries are asked to fill also in the booking accommodation section of their registration forms so the organisers will be able to do the necessary bookings.
Travel costs will be covered by all participants.
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