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Special whip-round

Special whip-round

Grace and peace from God, and from us blessings to all those who bring gifts and do good through our holy churches and remember the poor
+ Virgil Bercea
Allow children to be fed first. For it is not good to take the bread from children and throw it to dogs. (Mark 7,27)
Children are asking for bread but nobody gives it to them. (Jeremiah’s Lamentations 4,4)
Dear believers,
The Gospel tells us a simple thing, but a very revolutionary one: there is bread, food, water and earth for everyone. But if the only value is the profit or gain, then there will be not enough for everyone.
Gospel is not neutral: It binds you into making a decision, having an attitude. Do what you want, but you cannot wash your hands of others because, doing so, it is already an attitude, a choice. One cannot choose.
She is an extraordinary woman, a practitioner, respectable, too respectable. There is nothing bad to say about her: she is an example, a model. Inside the church, on the first row, she has her kneeling chair, upholstered with sponge and dressed in red velvet in order to feel good when participating in the Mass as even The Mass is hers.
It is cold. She is wearing warm clothes, she and the child advance towards the church keeping their heads up, quietly and without being nervous. She goes to church as she would go somewhere else to do other things that need to be done; she goes to church to present her devotions.
It is cold. Even if she has the gloves on she feels cold. She hurries up to cross the churchyard without seeing the poor man who has been waiting for them.
She says in her mind: I go to the Lord; I go to pray to Christ, the greatest, the one that I love to death. And she passes him without recognizing him.
She tells her child: Come and see little Jesus. And the child, hurrying up to enter, hits the poor and almost naked child who has been waiting for him.
But as I said, she is an extraordinary lady... She is confident and sure about doing good.
Is God pleased?
It is a question that she didn’t ask herself at all, because, considering her behaviour, there is no point. Baptized, anointed, communed, married, all these done in church, with many flowers and many people participating, even the choir was present; then the prayers, The Sunday Mass and Wednesday and Friday fasting, and ember days over the year.
In short, she did all she had to do. She is doing all she has do to not to go to hell.
Surely God is pleased as well! But, however, Good Lord and his son are still waiting in front of the church door, in the cold of the night...
Dear believers,
We are a big and unique family. The good is for the entire family or else the family will suffer.
It is the same like in the situation when one stomach hurts or one tooth hurts, the whole body feels it. Only if each part of the body is well, the person feels better.
If there is commune then it is for everyone. If there is no commune then it is only for some people.
The special whip-round organized on Good Samaritan Sunday aims to raise funds to support the canteen where 56 children and 70 adults have their daily meal. Therefore, the money raised in Church, on 16th of November 2014, will be donated, by every parish to Caritas Eparchial Oradea.
Lord, give us the ability not to deprive these children from the daily bread that You did not let us to be lacking.
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
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