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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


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Two weeks at Caritas Eparchial Oradea

Two weeks at Caritas Eparchial Oradea

We went back to our job having a wide variety of feelings regarding life in Romania and work experience in Caritas Eparchial Oradea.
We were touched by a huge bouquet of friendship and warm hospitality and we were also impressed by different information and perspectives in our practical activity.
This Caritas was created in Oradea 10 years ago. An association was organized there and this is the one which clearly deals with the most difficult and pressing issues in the city and the region, with optimal use of human and financial resources.
Following the meetings and conversations we were part of, we have realized that the Association may function due to the fact that its objectives are not only theoretical.
Being Caritas employees in a catholic country we have felt the spiritual attitude and orientation of this institution. This is easily noticed in the services offered to everybody regardless of nationality and religion.
And this is how the association has managed to gathered 300 volunteers from all parishes in the society to participate in the organized activities. These volunteers are carefully concerned about all persons living in poverty and reaching the services of the organisation.
Caritas Eparchial is not a large company but it is remarkable the way 12 employees collaborating with volunteers manage to approach and find solutions for those in need.
We have the feeling that this Caritas is like a constantly dough affecting common people but social and political structures as well.
We had the opportunity to see many examples:
- social centre with social canteen (gathering place for homeless men and women) and social showers
- day centre, afternoon activity for pupils
- support for young families
- and, of course, the care for people who do not yet belong to a group of people with good prospects for survival.
Our „thank you” comes from the bottom of our hearts for the days spent with Caritas Eparchial, for accommodation and housing, for the present „Time” received from Caritas employees.
A special thank you goes to Adela, Delia and priest Vasile for their hospitality and for giving us the chance to get familiar with life in Romania, a life having sunny but also shaded parts, for meeting PSS Virgil Bercea, Oradea Bishop.
The invitation made by Catholic Caritas from Oradea was valuable for us. Together with Ilona, we had the chance to notice the diversity of problems solved christianly by this Caritas.
Following our 2 days visit to Caransebes, we have also made impression about the country and about Caritas from Caransebes. We were accompanied in our visit by Ludwic Mleziva, a very experienced administrator.
We left Oradea wishing and promising not to lose these impressions and connections but to develop them as much as possible
Wolfgang and Peter
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