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Reopening the activity for children at Day Centre from Ioanis

Reopening the activity for children at Day Centre from Ioanis

Starting 2nd of October 2014, Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association is also present in Ioanis village near Beius. This was the location of a day centre for children administrated by „Surorilor Minime ale Reginei Purgatoriului” Congregation for the past years.
At 2pm, Te Deum prayer was offered and the Centre was consecrated by Mircea Boţa, Greco-catholic priest and Ioanis community pastor and priest Ioan Mada, Beius archpriest. Priest Bota thanked the association for choosing to extend its activity in Ioanis Community.
It the presence of children, parents, Mrs. Aurelia Cristian, school principal, sister Antoanela and the school teachers, Olimpiu Todorean Caritas Eparchial Oradea President and a part of employees from Oradea, the archpriest encouraged those present to pay proper attention to education in order to transform these children in reliable persons of the society.
Marchiş Ioan, Pentecostal Church representative spoke at the opening ceremony and he thanked all persons involved in the activity of the centre.
In the end, Priest Vasile Soptea, Ioanis Day Centre Administrator emphasized the fact that the Centre does not replace school but helps children to prepare for school. That is why the main condition for children participation in centre activities is to attend school. Only children who attend school in that particular day will participate in afternoon activities at the Centre.
Children from I-IV grade have been invited to visit the centre after closing the opening ceremony. Materials that will be used for homework and school preparation have been prepared for them on the desks. The four ladies who will be helping them in the learning activities: Corina Andraş, Anca Oniţa, Rozinelea Ilea and Katalin Kovacs welcomed them in 4 rooms, for 4 age groups. Every day, after school, between 1- 5 pm, children will come to the centre for different activities. They will have lunch here, will do homework and will play.
Today celebration ended in the same place where it had begun, i.e. the front yard of Day Centre. All those present have served pizza made in the Social Canteen of the Association and the little ones enjoyed the presence of two clowns, Caritas volunteers.
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