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The 3rd Anniversary

The 3rd Anniversary

Each of us feels the passing of time as being slower or faster depending on the moment and the mood we are in. Now, we turn the third page of the book, meaning the third year of existence of Maria Rosa Social Center, where people in need tell the story of their daily lives by shearing difficult and lonely moments.
For the poor who benefit from the support of the Caritas Eparchial Association Oradea, time is measured differently. Some believe time is infinite, living in a permanent a delusion, being included each year in our database due to acute need of social services (they are persons whose age and health do not allow active involvement in the society) and others who represent the second category of people whose motivations are little or inexistent, their addiction to vices being a circle that they do not manage to get out of.
Considering that we have described, in the words above, only those cases which fail to get out of difficult situation because of impotence and indolence we also have to mention our support for people who cherish the day, just because "later" should not become "too late" and who are actively involved in personal autonomy skills training, demonstrating perseverance and tolerance to harsh tests of life by collaborating effectively with social workers.
Beneficiaries feel safe at the social center as this is the place where they are listened patiently, they receive advice and they are helped to overcome the challenges faced in daily life.
In the 3rd year, the staff has continued to work with the beneficiaries; they have lived together both moments of despair and joy (overcoming difficulties).
On 5th of September current year, the anniversary was celebrated by changing daily menu; the beneficiaries were served pizza prepared in our own kitchen and juice. Food serving was made by volunteers who bring a contribution in creating a pleasant environment through kindness, transparency and friendship.
In the period September 2013- September 2014, the provided services have covered basic needs: food (a hot meal daily), personal care (with the possibility of showering and receiving clean clothes), safety (medical control as needed).
Beneficiaries are invited daily to the office of social workers to facilitate the identification of their needs and the solutions.
Thus, a total of 28 beneficiaries were assisted in obtaining identity documents being accompanied by a social worker to the Register in order to represent their interests to the institution. In the social canteen service, 109 people have received hot meals daily. In the social showers service a total of 1,035 showers have been organized by 92 people. The Association has also provided financial resources in order to submit for minimum income guaranteed application (social support).
The role of Caritas Eparchial Oradea is to help the person who is in a difficult situation to have the same opportunities and resources as everyone else in the community and to make all this through the provision of specialized social services.
We want to be the lever that separates the impossible from the possible!
Ioana Gherasim
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