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Lobby and Advocacy Course

Lobby and Advocacy Course

In Capitol Hotel from Brasov, the Lobby and Advocacy Course was organized in the period 2-4 July 2014, as part of SenioriNET network referring to Home care services in Romania.
First day started with the presentation of participants and organizations, course agenda, its objectives, participants’ rules and expectations.
The General Objective of the course was the increase of SenioriNET network members’ ability to become active actors in local and national public politics for the elderly, referring especially to home care services.
In the first part of the second day technical aspects referring to advocacy and lobby concepts were discussed by offering practical applications for each concept. In the second part of the day the elements of advocacy strategy campaign have been presented as follows:
After the presentation of theoretical aspects, the practical part has been approached by dividing the participants into 3 groups which had to prepare an advocacy campaign following the steps taken so far.
In the third day the practical activity and the advocacy campaign continued by adding 2 important aspects: the company resources, the way of getting resources and distributing it for specific activities and the message of the campaign which needs to be clear, convincing and relevant for the campaign.
At the end of the course there was a summary of the presented information, and there were revised the expectations and concerns identified at the beginning of the course.
The course ended with the filling in of an evaluation questionnaire and with the presentation of a conclusion regarding the participation in The Advocacy and Lobby Course made by each participant.
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