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Home nursing - a legal right, not a privilege!

Home nursing - a legal right, not a privilege!

Elderly Home Care Providers Forum
Home nursing - a legal right, not a privilege!
In the period 18-20.06.2014, Elderly Home Care Providers Forum was organized in Sinaia. In the first day, a presentation of forum objectives was made by the project manager Doina Crangasu. The objectives of SenioriNET network were established referring to easy dialogue between the private and public home care providers, encouraging the exchange of views and experience, making recommendations to decision makers.
Strategic objectives: Improve the legal framework; Development of network ability to influence public policy; Promotion of SenioriNET plan: information plan, meetings with the public opinion leaders; Collaboration and exchange between network members, easy access to information; NGOs promoting; Increase of the number and coverage for home care services; Promote and support the social program and services; Human Rights Promotion for the elderly.
In the second part of the day, the secretary of state, Vasile Cepoi (Ministry of Health) was present assuring the participants of his entire support and he also expressed personal opinions and Ministry solutions.
The second day was dedicated especially to social area discussions made in the presence of Ministry of Labour representatives.
The President of the National Council of Senior Citizens proposed: locally coalition of the organization, avoidance of neutral zone, greater involvement of the state not only in financial terms.
The groups have discussed problems involving Local Council, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, DGASPC and the wide audience presenting problems and possible solutions for each proposed objective.
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