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Pilgrimage to Sighet

Pilgrimage to Sighet

Prompted by the words of St. Paul " look at your ancestors , look heed how
they ended life and imitate their faith" (Hebrew 13 , 7), all employees of the Diocesan Caritas Oradea, we started on Saturday, May 10, 2014 , to Sighet.
Along the way, Fr Vasile whispered proposed for tutoring us a sermon
inspired Scripture and in the life and death of bishops imprisoned in Sighet, in fame of the martyrs. We Caritas workers should leave aside " the complaints and scheming" when something goes wrong like it or not, and to work in silence by giving example through the work.
At Sighet, we all participated in the celebration of Holy Mass in the „Cemetery of the Poor", the place that, as His Beatitude Cardinal Lucian preached, "bustles of longings" martyrs who understand the risks "doing nothing" as individuals and as a church, which rose to the call of God to take their sufferings bed and began a prepared their savior, the way of the Cross, following the Lord's Cross. "Hierarchs, priests, religious and laity, who were able to "read" signs of the times, revealing Divine Providence finger in turmoil at the time. Saints who ask not only to commemorate the memory, and not just to worship their sacrifice, but rather to imitate them and believe in their faith."( Beatitude Cardinal Lucian)
With these words in mind, we went to visit the Sighet Memorial Museum and on the way back we stopped at Săpânţa to visit "Merry Cemetery".
It was a day dedicated to honoring the martyrs of our Church, a day of spiritual formation, spent together as colleagues and friends.
Adela Ghiţulescu Popa
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