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Dining with the poor on Ester

Dining with the poor on Ester

As used every year, on Ester Period, Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association (ACEO) turned its attention towards the needy.
The organization carried the tradition along in order for the beneficiaries not to miss anything related to Resurrection feast, but also took care to provide warmth and hope to the poor. 50 people coming from poor families and even homeless people, beneficiaries of the program "A warm meal for the poor" dined with ACEO staff, volunteers and families inside the social canteen of the organization. Around noon, glad to see that someone is thinking of them, they sat quietly at the table and silently ate all the food placed in the dish (haggis, red eggs, soup and roast lamb etc.). At the end they didn’t forget to say "Thanks for letting us feel like a family." Indeed, Caritas Eparchial employees and volunteers made sure to offer them rich meal and familiar atmosphere.
Caritas Eparchial managed to make people forget, for a moment, about their problems and made them truly live the Celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.
„We want to make the assisted persons feel, more than ever, that they are part of a family - Caritas family. We want to bring a bit of joy during Easter Holidays, in the souls and on the faces of lonely, needy and sick people." said Father Olimpiu Todorean President of ACEO.
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