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Friends for a smile

Friends for a smile

During the period 02.04 – 06.04.2014 Caritas Eparchial Oradea Association organized a new course for the formation of future clown-doctors. Thus young people with noble souls chose to learn some of the secrets of "clown job" in order to prove their acting talents and spontaneity, inducing smiles and good mood during their appearance. Volunteer Clowns were trained in the art of balloon shaping and tricks regarding stage movement for their visits to the pediatric ward of Dr. Gabriel Curteanu Municipal Hospital of Oradea.
The six volunteers who graduated the course made the difference between clown- doctor and circus clown. The clown- doctor who works in the hospital has a more temperate behavior, adequate for the place he is visiting. Loud games and those implying physical effort cannot be organized inside a hospital. The role of the clown inside the hospital is based on spontaneity and improvisation considering that every situation is different making him the playing companion of hospitalized children.
The costume of the hospital clown is made of a white cartoon characters printed robe, so deer to the children and the make-up is also a simple one. His mission is a very important one; the clown-doctor responsibly assumes his role. These clowns truly are bandages for the soul, as it is well known the fact that laugh therapy has good effects for the child who is sick but as well for the parents who also suffer.
The volunteer who intends to perform this activity gets in return some advantages as well. The one who wears the clown-doctor costume can improve abilities that might be useful in the future, as talking to an assistant or managing course on different subjects…
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