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The street, the place I call home

The street, the place I call home

We are confronting a harsh reality, a reality that normal people, having certain material comfort, do not know and cannot understand. It is true that it is difficult to be aware of the difficulties that our neighbor is going through, a burden that homeless people confront daily, by being seen as a common phenomenon.
Our daily contact with these persons, due to our activity, has broken the barrier which separates the beautiful part of life (including dear persons, health and wealth) from the desolating and lonely part where all you have is faith that everything will be ok. Sometimes homeless people lose this faith by giving up to problems.
At a certain moment, because of their inability, these persons end up by socially isolating themselves, living quietly their sufferance and bearing the burden of loneliness. By losing contact with people around them they resort to certain addictions like alcohol and drugs.
Feeling lonely in a world where family and loved ones have forgotten about them, homeless people need to learn how to survive on the street for long or short periods of time (depending on the mobilization and involvement of each person) just to fix their own mistakes or somebody else’s mistakes.
Field work has provided a greater view on the difficulty of homeless people’s actual state which immediately shows their deprivation from welfare.
These persons do not live in conditions that might be considered acceptable. Most of them live in poor shelter places (bridges, abandoned buildings, cemetery, local train station, etc), these places being unfit for habitation. Most of them become the ghosts of the society considering that their reality is characterized by despair and disorientation.
There is the need to find solutions for overcoming real problems which degrade healthy human being, which sicken the entire human condition in order to „escape” from this bad situation.
Some of them, because of limited inner resources, have no possibility to accomplish something useful for themselves so they wander the streets. Others have intellectual capacity that can be exploited to its full potential so that they become the people who they were once, people living life accordingly.
The causes that triggered these material and financial gaps are not totally caused by individuals, but we are facing situations when parents have been deceived by their own children, by signing certain documents causing the loss of their own home. Their own children are reckless of their parents’ pain and life marked by poverty. Other causes are generated by: divorce, poor payment of expenses- causes that make some people live under the stars. These persons reach a certain age and have no place to enjoy the peace and love of the others.
Most of our association’s beneficiaries do not have a constant financial or material resource in order to cover their basic needs; these persons are the ones who need specialized social services.
Our association helps this vulnerable category by helping them with daily hot meals, adequate clothes for each season, and blankets during winter period. The social assistant supports and guides them in preparing and writing a CV and by showing them how to present themselves for an interview.
An essential condition for socio- professional insertion is also generated by the presentation of an ID which helps the person to identify, but most of these people do not have an ID so the social assistant accompanies them to Population Records and expresses the persons’ interest in having an ID.
We respond to the needs of all people who require our assistance directly or who are referred by members of the community, thus giving aid to beneficiaries in the metropolitan area and to those from other cities or counties.
Our organization represents a support for them in both the human side as it is the place where they can share emotions and feelings, where they can cry or smile and the material side by improving the quality of their life by having free access to specialized social services.
Ioana Gherasim
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