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Official Statement

Official Statement

The European Union dedicated 2010 as the year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, as a way to promote the European awareness campaign.
This year, all the Caritas organisations from Europe are mobilizing to take advantage of this valuable opportunity, in order to remember the inalienable moral duty of each of us to be responsible for others around us, especially the weak and the poor.
The Holy Pope, Benedict the XVI, has accepted the Vicar’s Chief of Rome invite to visit, on Sunday 14th of February 2010, a few of Caritas’ projects in Rome.
As a sign of this fellowship all the brothers in the European Episcopate have been invited to meet, in an ideal way, the poor of Europe by kneeling in front of them, as an example for us all.
Considering the fact that the Catholic bishops of Romania will take part in the ,,Ad limina” visit to Rome, between 7th – 14th February, there has been a proposal for each diocese to receive the visit of the local bishop in a day, other than 14th of February, but establish in communion with the Holy Father.
In this spirit on Thursday, the 4th of February 2010, in the Diocese of Oradea, His Holiness Virgil Bercea visited the works of Caritas Eparhial Association of Oradea, following the schedule outlined below:
Visiting Frentiu Home, Olosig Park
Visiting the land where the social canteen will be built, St. Theodor Aman
Visiting the tailor workshop, St. Mihai Pavel, n.4
Visiting The Home Care Centre, st. Mihai Pavel, n.2
Visiting the clothes distribution, at Caritas office, St. Mihai Pavel, n.3
Visiting the warm meal distribution, at Caritas office, St. Mihai Pavel, n.3
Meeting with the staff of Caritas Association, at Caritas office, St. Mihai Pavel, n.3
Caritas Eparhial
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