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Caritas Volunteer Day

Caritas Volunteer Day

The eighth edition of Caritas Volunteer Day was hold on Thursday, 23rd of January 2014 in Festive Hall of „Iuliu Maniu” Greco-Catholic High School, being awarded the most active volunteers of Caritas Eparchial Oradea in 2013. The event was attended by volunteers and their guests, PSS Virgil Bercea, Greco-Catholic Bishop of Oradea, Florica Cherecheş, deputy and Arina Mos, general manager of ASCO.
We intend to make public recognition of the merits of the most active volunteers by organizing this festivity. In 2013 out of the 365 volunteers who are in our database, 141 were active volunteers with a total of 4,065 hours worked for people around them. There were nine prizes awarded for different activities and programs, five special awards and the distinction "Volunteer of 2013" as follows:
Social Canteen Award
The award for preparing and serving food, washing dishes and cleaning the dining room and socializing with the beneficiaries was given to the volunteers: Daniela Neşu; Daniela Pâncotan, Gabriela Deaconescu, Priest Radu Cefan, Diana Oltean, Simona Puşcaş, Oana Puşcaş, Maria Pricăjan, Adriana Lupaş şi Cerasela Ciordaş
Day Centre award:
The award for help given to children for learning and homework, social activities, playing activities, personal development and leisure was given to volunteers Mădălina Sebeştean, Dan Ile, Denisa Chişe, Daniela Pâncotan, Sanda Chirodea, Bianca Lile, Mark Herman, Anica Pantiş, Valeria Ille, Maria Amalia Silaghi, Alexandra Paşcalău, Florica Liza Balog, Denisa Monenci
Social Showers Award:
The award for welcoming the beneficiaries, distributing hygiene products, cleaning showers area and socializing with the beneficiaries was given to Priest Radu Cefan
Holiday for the Volunteer award
The award for commitment and staff filling in social canteen service during holiday period was given to volunteers Dan Ile, Lorena Claudia Pop, Oana Puşcaş, Geanina Indrieş and Adela Bere.
Friends for a smile award
The award for putting smiles on children’s faces and constant involvement in the program was given to volunteer Liviu Constantin Demeter
Ester collection award
The award for dedication in collecting food products for families in need went to volunteer Vlad Raita.
2% campaign award
The award for the highest number of envelopes distributed in 2013 was awarded to volunteer Sorina Alexandra Pop, Diana Negruţ şi Andreea Rada.
Fundraising award
The award for the diversity of fundraising activities that they got involved in was granted to volunteers Mariana Man şi Georgeta Finna.
The award for availability
The award for promptness in answering to the request of the association was granted to the volunteers Adriana Lupaş and Priest Radu Cefan
Special award
The award was granted for the high number of hours worked for the benefit of Good Samaritan Program to the volunteers Sister Veronica Demeter, Mihaela Pantea, Viorica Florea
The award was given for the involvement and care showed during the activity to volunteers Mădălina Sebeştean, Ile Dan
The award Volunteer of the year
All volunteers are valuable for Caritas Eparchial Oradea and each has his place inside the association. “Volunteer of the year” is an award that is granted to one volunteer for: time, availability, diversity of action, number of worked hours and quality of services. During 2013 she gave 537 hours from her time to help her neighbour.
The award Volunteer of the year 2013 was granted to volunteer Daniela Neşu.
The event was packed with artistic moments sustained by children who come to “Gabriele” Day Centre under the guidance of volunteer Dan Ile: Anabela Rebeca Covaci, David Varga and Monika Gabriela Varga; pupils Crista Stan and Olimpiu Man and student Violeta Sfârle. The presentation of the event was provided by Ioana Mădălina Ştefănică.
We give thanks to Iuliu Maniu Greco-Catholic High School, to Mr. Director Andrei Cristea, director of this institution and volunteer of our association for hosting the event and for the entire evening.
We give thanks to Gutenberg Library for the prizes.
Congratulations to all the volunteers and special thanks for everything they have done for beneficiaries of Caritas Eparchial Oradea and for the association.
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