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The resoults of the victimes in the Philippines collection

The resoults of the victimes in the Philippines collection

On Sunday, December 8th 2013, Catholic Bishops' Conference from Romania organized in all Catholic churches in the country a collection to help typhoon victims in the Philippines.
Catholic Parishes and Caritas organizations in the Philippines have been with the people affected by this event since the first moments of the disaster. Caritas teams from several countries have arrived in the Philippines to support the local Caritas. So far, they have managed to distribute food packages to over 68,000 families. An urgent problem is the shelter for the 4 million people who are homeless now.
In the spirit of fraternal charity that the Bible teaches us and the Church transmits to us, the believers of Greek Catholic Eparchy of Oradea answered to this call by donating an amount of 1.700 euro from the following parishes: Aleşd, 80 lei; Bădăcin, 100 lei; Băiţa, 40 lei; Cheţ, 180 lei; Chilioara, 51 lei; Cizer, 10 lei; Cosniciu de Jos, 50 lei; Cosniciu de Sus, 50 lei; Delani, 32 lei; Drăgoteni, 30 lei,; Drighiu, 160 lei; Fiziş, 30 lei; Grădinari, 31 lei; Iaz, 170 lei; Ioaniş, 30 lei; Izvoarele, 85 lei; Marca, 111 lei; Oradea, Mănăstirea „Maica Domnului”, 620 lei; Oradea, „Sfântul Gheorghe”, 97 lei; Petrani, 31 lei; Plopiş, 900 lei; Pocola, 80 lei; Porţ, 151 lei; Prisaca, 55 lei; Sâg, 50 lei; Sudrigiu, 20 lei; Şimleu Silvaniei, 2.653 lei; Ştei, 100 lei; Şumal, 324 lei; Valcău de Jos, 100 lei; Valea lui Mihai, 85 lei; Vălanii de Beiuş, 100 lei; Zalău, „Sfânta Familie”, 752 lei; Zalău, „Sfântul Ap. Petru şi Pavel”, 561 lei.
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