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The resuls of "Even you can take the Christmas box" campaign

The resuls of "Even you can take the Christmas box" campaign

Caritas Eparhial Association of Oradea conducted between November 25 to December 22, 2013, the "Grab the Christmas Box", wich demanded that the waivers result to be given the for each individual families in need. The campaign took place in parishes, in Oradea and it`s surroundings, schools and high schools in Oradea, and in the branches of Caritas: Zalău, Şimleul Silvaniei and Tăşnad. The amount thus collected amounted to 4.037 euro, as follows:
Parishes: 2.700 euro.
Parish Mănăstirea „Maica Domnului”, Oradea, 800 euro;
Parish „Sfântul Nicolae”, Oradea I, 588 euro;
Parish „Sfântul Gheorghe”, Oradea, 237 euro;
Parish „Sfânta Treime”, Oradea, 307 euro;
Parish 1 Mai, Haieu, 32 euro;
Parish „Schimbarea la Faţă”, Velenţa, Oradea, 210;
Parish Olosig, Seminar, Oradea, 282;
Parish Santandrei, 100 euro;
Parish „Înălţarea Domnului”, Decebal, Oradea, 143 euro.
Branches: 568 euro.
Şimleu Silvaniei, 350 euro;
Zalau, 105 euro;
Tasnad, 114 euro.
High schools: 769 euro.
Teoretic High school „Lucian Blaga”, 230 euro;
Greco-Catolic „Iuliu Maniu” High school, 539 euro (preparatory class, Class I B, Class a II-a B, Class a III-a B, Class a IV-a B, preparatory class, Class I A, Class I A, Class a II-a A, Class a III-a A, Class a IV-a A).
Amount raised from this campaign will be used for day care center "Gabriele" (beneficiaries 11 children), social showers Service (10 children and 97 adults) and social cafeteria (11 children and 111 adults) operating in the Social Center "Maria Rosa" in Oradea. By this release we wish to thank those who have decided that their giving to materialize in a material aid to people in need.
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