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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


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Caritas Eparhial, supports those in need

Caritas Eparhial, supports those in need

A family from Cetariu will have a warmer winter, starting yesterday, thanks to Caritas Eparchial Oradea. The family has lived for years in unimaginable conditions in a shabby house, provided with a room where four souls live, and a smaller room last used as a kitchen. These people have no electricity and no running water. There is only a stove that reeked smoke continuously and gave no heat inside the house where the four family members live - two parents and two daughters (one disabled). It was an old stove. The family supports itself from social help and the few pennies that the father makes working as a day laborer. However it is insufficient to allow them to buy a stove.
Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association bought a stove and gave it to this family who has so much need of it. The organization also offered them winter clothes and food.
The Association wishes to support those in need during the year, although it encounters difficulties in gathering food, for example.
"Our help was offered occasionally, because it was an exceptional situation. We have not focused on providing stove or wood. Our programs are a hot meal daily, for 70 people and showers for the homeless, twice a week. We provide food and clothing, not just before the holidays, but throughout the year. This year, however, it is very difficult for us because we cannot organize the campaign for food collection in hypermarkets, as we did before. We are expecting the Easter campaign, from the church" said Priest Olimpiu Todorean ACEO President.
Caritas Eparhial Association would like to thank all its benefactors who have provided or still provide the resources needed to support these needy people.
Those wishing to join Caritas Eparchial actions organized for people in need are invited to the headquarters of the organization at 4 Mihai Pavel Street.
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