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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


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There is never too late …

There is never too late …

Caritas Eparchial Association Oradea organizes a new activity at Maria Rosa Social Centre which involves post institutionalized young people who are leaving the protection system and the status of "child", as well, moving into adult life.
During our daily direct work with these young people we discovered their low level of education, which is vital for socio – professional integration. There are other aspects added to this one, such as deprivation of affection and support of a natural family environment.
Some young people are greeted by a grim situation when leaving institutions due to lack of knowledge that will enable them to practice a profession, poor education and low education ability.
Finding housing and a job are the most difficult problems faced by these young people.
In response to identified needs, inside Maria Rosa Social Centre, there are few young people taking part in a training course, weekly, in order to obtain the ability to read and write.
These courses are supported by a volunteer of the association, Mrs. Cornelia Vesea who by being very dedicated, devotes her time to teaching these young people, by combining business with pleasure, by getting their attention applying different learning methods which generate self involvement and motivation to acquire skills imperatively necessary for their integration. With gentle and warm voice she teaches them lessons needed for a new life.
By improving their educational level, we hope to integrate them into the community, through education and training to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence that opens doors to active life and to society.
Ioana Gherasim
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