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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


Str. Mihai Pavel nr. 3
410210 - Oradea, BH







Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

One of the wonderful things that the Lord has made reality in the life of the Eparchy of Oradea, are Caritas Eparchial Association.
+ Virgil Bercea, bishop
Inside Maria Rosa Social Centre operates a soup kitchen where homeless people serve a hot and nutritious meal in the dining room.
Daily, there are 70 persons who serve their meal here: 59 are homeless people and 11 are children from Gabriele Day Centre.
In 2012 we managed to constantly help 110 beneficiaries and other 40 people have benefited occasionally (between five and ten days) from our services.
The Beneficiaries of Soup Kitchen are:
* homeless people from Oradea
* homeless people from other counties (Brăila, Satu Mare, Timis)
* Romanian citizens who have been sent to the country of origin from other countries as for instance: Argentina, Canada, France, Italy
* old people who cannot cover their basic needs from their own resources
* single people living in poor conditions without making a steady income
* people who have lost the stability of daily life and being sent on the street cannot face daily challenges
* post-institutionalized young people;
* people staying in asylums for a determined period of time;
* people who have no income;
* persons with studies and sometimes even with academic studies
* parents whose children cannot or will not provide support to overcome the encountered problems;
* children whose parents were unable to provide a secure future;
* wives abandoned by husbands;
* spouses refused without a steady income;
* people suffering from addictions;
* people suffering from neuro-psychiatric diseases, which limit the effective management of problems;
* people who have given up fighting everyday problems;
* old people, victims of real estate scams etc
These people do not have a proper environment and structure so they need to hear a good word from the social worker.
These people do not find the meaning of life and every day struggle, with all possible problems, in children’s smile so they need the young social worker’s smile.
These people no longer find the right way in life so they need guidance.
These people may go over the line just to be able to relieve their hunger so they first need a plate of food.
These people live alone so they need to share with somebody daily living, their birthday, their failures and thoughts, they need company.
These people need a place to relive their human dignity (even if just for a short time) and sometimes they manage to take steps towards a new independent life.
Costs: 39.000 euro/year 3.250 euro/month
Besides money everybody can help by donating: rice, oil, pasta, tomato sauce, sugar, etc.
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