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Call for collet

Call for collet

Grace and peace from God and from us blessing to all who bring offerings and do good to our holy church and remember the poor.
+ Virgil Bercea
Celebrating The Divine Liturgy refers to the gestures of Jesus. If the Eucharist does not send us to that service of those who are hungry, those who suffer or those who are marginalized, what does it mean for us? Jesus wants nothing but only what it is. Therefore, for what is in his own hands would thank his father Lord, bless and distribute that little bit. Five brads is enough for everyone. So teach us how to live: as children of God and to our fellow brothers.
Jesus opens the fraternity line! Throw the multiplication of bread for 5000 people He makes us to see possible what seemed impossible at the first sight, because there is the Father’ power of love which helps our brotherly gestures. The real miracle is here: in sharing, in compassion, in love.
We can do wonders too. Because the only one who loves bread can multiply. Because only love can do miracles. From the least of our daily gestures, from our converted hearts, Lord can draw abundance, the miracle of multiplication.
Do you have something to offer that He can fill, not only on you but many others? You seem to have little, but that little bit of you is important. And it is important only if you are generous. Your little bit is precious. Jesus now requires from you. And today, many brothers are suffering from hunger, thirst, injustice. Jesus addresses us today as the disciples: Give them something to eat!
We can not say no, we can not think only of ourselves, but we must also think of others who care less fortunate than us. And today, therefore, through small gestures of kindness and charity can repeat the miracle of the multiplication on breads.
Special collection which is held on the Sunday of the Good Samaritan is like to raise funds to support social canteen where, daily, lunch 50 adults and 11 children Therefore, the collection dated on November 10, 2013, will be delivered by every parish to the diocesan Caritas Oradea.
Lord, give us the ability not to miss out any sibling, daily bread, you would not let us miss us. Amen.
P Olimpiu Todorean
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