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Caritas volunteers

Caritas volunteers

Carla Schaefer worked at Caritas Eparhial Oradea in the period 29.07.2013-28.09.2013. Every day she was involved in various activities proposed by the association, under the guidance and in the permanent presence of one of the staff members of the association: administrator and / or social worker and / or social educator, cook. On this occasion, she had the opportunity to engage in the implementation of activities organized within the three departments, showing a cooperative and civilized attitude towards the staff members of the association and the beneficiaries who came into contact with.
Carla showed seriousness and perseverance, she was punctual and responsible for carrying out assigned tasks. Although she is from another country (Germany) she has integrated well and she has consolidated her knowledge regarding speaking Romanian.
We hope that the experience as volunteer in our association will be useful in the future prospects she wishes to follow.
I have enjoyed being involved in various areas of work and having a close relationship with all staff members of the association and beneficiaries as well. Spending time with the children from the centre was a great experience especially since I have created a good relationship with them.
At first I had cared for a more or less fixed program but I was pleased to see that every week went by differently. It was a good feeling to be efficient, to be able to assume responsibility and to take it seriously. I have enjoyed the atmosphere between the employees but also the relationship between employees and beneficiaries, conversations being made at the same level and not on different scales.
Finally I would like to say that I am satisfied with everything and also the way things were explained to me patiently made me feel like home. Carla
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