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Weekend out

Weekend out

As Cardinal Iuliu Hossu said it so well, „ Our faith is our life”! And, because faith without charity does not bring fruit and, charity without faith would leak consistence, we, the volunteers, due to our faith, are able to see the Face of Christ reflected in those who ask fo our help, and, contaminated with His Love, we cannot remain indifferent. Change is our motto and, together with the changes we do inside ourselves, we are also trying to change the world we live in.
At the end of the month of June 2013, the Association Caritas Eparhial Oradea offered a wonderful weekend at Stana de Vale. So we reached there in the evening of the 28th, we set unexpectedly well. Due to father Vasile’ efforts, we had warm rooms and atmosphere.
On Saturday morning we all attended the Holly Mass to celebrate the Saints Peter and Paul. As it was held in the open, our songs were accompanied by the song of the birds, by the sun rays and by the wind.
In the evening we all gathered around the fire, where father Vasile started the theme of the good Samarinan, of giving up, but also to get to know each other better. By the fire, Delia and all of us made something magic, turning the potatoes, the mushrooms, the polenta, the bread and the chiken meat into tasty goodies. We entertained ourselves playing various games, leaving aside the age and the time.
On Sunday at 10 o’clock, the Holly Mass again in the open. The same fresh morning air we inhaled while hiking to the Wonder Spring and farther.
But, as the mountain is like life itself, with ups and downs, moody and unpredictible, the only way to have a good time is to take it as it is, knowing that after the rain, the sun comes up, that the crevases are dangerous only if you go to close to its edge and that, in the midst of the green abundance, many other colors will have their place.
In one word, it was an extremely pleasant weekend out, that most certainly enriched our souls. Thank you, Caritas!
New volunteer Dana P.
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