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Call for collet

Call for collet

Grace and peace from God and from us blessing to all who bring offerings and do good to our holy church and remember the poor.
+ Virgil Bercea
Dearly beloved,
In October 16th, 2012 we are accomplishing 6 year since we offered with the help of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Christ the first meals to the pour, homeless, alone or wich are unable to selfsustain. It was a small gesture meaning a lot to them.
During this time we offerde with your kind help 55.450 meals. Hundereds of people were fed by Caritas, for many of them beaing the only meal of the day.
Caritas and Social Canteen belong not to my but to the Church, consequently to you. It is the sign, if you wish, wich the Church shows mercy, not by judging, not looking away from powerty but reaching lovingly to the ones hurt, the pour or the ones in need. You and every one of you were, by your kind donation for the pours meal, „the good samaritan„ You followed the word of God „Always be open handed with your brother, and with anyone in your country who is in need and poor. "(Deut.15.11).
It has been over an year since the Social Canteen was opened and as the years before, the Special Collect organised in The Sunday Of Good Samaritan has the purpose of raising funds for this purpose. For this matter, the church collecta in November 11th, 2012 will be donated to our organisation by each Parish.
Today, more than ever, the hands of God work through you deeds. Therefore, Good cannot be done by someone else othe than all of us. Your help is greatly needed and because there are people knocking on our door saying „We are hungry”, we, as God teaches us, must feed them.
Dearly beloved, now in the begining of The Year Of Faith I teach you as St. Jacob did, show your faith throug deeds, supporting as much as you can the Social Canteen.
Pr. Olimpiu Todorean
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