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Caritas Eparhial Oradea


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Anniversary time …

Anniversary time …

“Maria Rosa” Social Center (Theodor Aman 1C Street, Oradea) of Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association was opened in 1st of September 2011. After opening, the social workers resumed their work at the new Social Service Office where, they got requests daily from the people in need and helped them out with our services.
First meal was served on the 4th of September 2012. After one year of activity, the food is prepared in our own kitchen and served to the homeless in our large dining room. One year after opening, 110 persons were supported with the hot meal. Among 110 beneficiaries, 30 persons managed to gain stability through our support and their active implication in solving the problems.
In 3th of November 2011 we opened the first service in Oradea that offer the possibility for homeless to maintain their body hygiene: Social showers. People who requests this service get all the materials needed for the shower, and if needed a new set of clean clothes. During the year beneficiaries of this service were 91 persons totalizing 717 showers.
The next service that started his activity was the Maternal center where we had our first mother for 6 months from the birth of her child.
At the end of February 2012, “Gabriele” day care center opened his doors for the needs of the kids from disadvantaged families. The 9 kids who attended the day care center participated at educative and recreational activities but also spare time. Also, the kids had a hot meal daily.
At the end of the first year of activity all the services of the Social center are functional, and the results of our work are visible through the growth of the quality of life of the people supported.
Rita Szopos
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