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Italian volunteers in Oradea

Italian volunteers in Oradea

A group of young Italian volunteers accompanied by a priest from three parishes from Padua have developed a service at Maria Rosa Social Center with a lot of joy and team spirit. A beautiful and large group, full of values, ideals and generosity started working for being able to face a new reality, that of Caritas Eparhial Oradea.
The Social Center administrator presented them what is Caritas, the social work coordinator explained the social worker’s role in Caritas, helping the poor; the Home Care Center coordinator explain about the service we offer to the elders and also the medical system in Romania. They were interested in the State’s role in social environment and after they started working, cleaning up the entire Social Center because in this “home” we have to welcome those whom knock on our doors every day.
They spent time with the Roma children, playing and being in the middle of these kids even that they didn’t understand the language.
A part of the girls spent time with the young mother from out Maternal Center, which we hosted for 7 months, and they saw how hard it is to raise a baby alone, with no help.
At the end of this experience the young understood the work that we make here and with their help we hope that in the future we can continue to do more and more for the poor of our society.
Thank you young people, you were big!
Alessandra Crovasce
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