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The resuls of "Even you can take the Christmas box" campaign

The resuls of "Even you can take the Christmas box" campaign

Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association held between 15th of November and 18th f December, the “Even You Can Take Home the Christmas Box” campaign, this had the purpose to encourage everyone to give up on something and to offer that giving to families in need. The campaign was held in parishes in Oradea and around, in schools and high-schools but also in the three branches of Caritas: in Zalău, Şimleul Silvaniei and Tăşnad. The amount collected was 26.892,04 lei, as follows:
Parishes: “Maica Domnului” monastery Oradea, 11.564,37 lei; “Sfântul Gheorghe” parish Oradea, 952,60 lei; “Sfânta Treime” parish Oradea, 1.295 lei; 1 Mai, Haieu parish, 542,80 lei; Sânmartin parish, 172,67 lei; “Duminica Tuturor Sfinţilor” parish Oradea, 871 lei; “Înălţarea Domnului” parish Oradea, 254 lei. Totally from parishes: 15.652,44 lei.
Branches: Tăşnad, 490 lei; Şimleu Silvaniei, 2.927 lei; Zalău, 3.100 lei. Totally from branches: 6.517 lei.
High-schools and schools: Lucian Blaga high-school, 1.230 lei; National Collage Mihai Eminescu, 357,30 lei; Greek Catholic “Iuliu Maniu” high-school, 2.484,47(I-B grade, 252 lei; II-B grade, 554,40 lei; III-B grade, 78,90 lei; IV-B grade, 154,10 lei; I-A grade, 282,50 lei; II-A grade, 242,10 lei; III-A grade, 191,70 lei; IV-A grade, 190 lei; grades from V to XII, 539 lei); General high-school „Dacia”, 490 lei (II-A grade, grade 490 lei). Totally from schools: 4.562 lei.
Personal donations: 160,6 lei.
Through Social service and support for families and people in difficulty we supported families and people in preventing the lost of stability and completed the resources to facilitate regaining their independence. In 2011 over 100 families and persons were helped out in crisis situations.
The last activity part of this service was offering packages of food to families and people in need.
The distribution of these packages was on 20th and 21st of December. Over 50 families were supported with main food as comes: Oil – 102 liter, sugar – 66 kg, rice – 71 kg, pasta – 102 bags, peas – 28 jars, flower – 57 kg, vegeta - 28 pieces, candy – 17 bags, biscuits – 41 pieces, sweets – 158 pieces, oranges – 30 kg, pate- 36 pieces, juice – 52 bottle, with a total value of 2.918,54 lei.
By this statement we want to thank those who have decided that their giving materialize in a material aid to people in need.
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