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One million stars for the poor families

One million stars for the poor families

One million stars for those in need were lightened Saturday, 12th of November, all over the country. The event, symbolically named “One million stars” was held simultaneously in 37 cities all over the country and also several cities from Europe and it is about citizens taking part by lightening a candle.
In Oradea, Caritas Eparhial and Caritas Catolica Associations invited citizens to light a candle for the poor. This year it was held in front of the “Queen Mary” State Theatre, where several believers prayed and lighted a candle for the poor with His Excellence Virgil Bercea, the Greek-catholic bishop of Oradea, and also the employees of both associations.
“This was a call to solidarity and to try calling people to battle against poverty and social exclusion. The beneficiaries of this action are those poor, sick or marginalized. Each candle is the symbol of a person faced with shortcomings, disease or social exclusion”, said father Olimpiu Todorean, president of Caritas Eparhial Oradea.
With this occasion there could be made donations, all the money raised will go to a fund for helping the poor families, from Caritas’s data base.
This lighted a candle and offered a donation to Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association.
For those who wanted to sustain the campaign “One million stars for the poor”, launched by Caritas Romania Confederation, could make a 2 euro donation through SMS at 895, valid in Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote networks till 14th of November.
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