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Call for Good Samaritan Sunday collet

Call for Good Samaritan Sunday collet

May all of those who bring offerings and do well to our holy church and remember of the poor be given grace and peace from God and be blessed.
+ Virgil Bercea
Beloved believers,
At the association’s headquarters an unmarried couple shows up to ask for a hot meal. Talking with them, we found out that, they are in their 60’s, they had a long period of being homeless, and now they found a abandoned home where they had clean it up and hope that they can stay there during winter. We started offering the hot meal. The man, is a builder, he is working only by chance and was paid with clothes, carpets, furniture. With the meal insured, they put all the earnings aside.
After a few weeks, they told us that the owner came by and when he saw that this is clean he let them stay there during winter with one condition: to take care of the home. At the evaluation visit we saw an absolute poor and an impeccable clean, although the woman have serious issues in seeing because of the diabetes.
One month after starting the intervention, the woman submitted the files for retirement. Meanwhile, the man works occasionally and still searches for a job. After the meal and clothes comes more often the woman, which barely see, so the man can go to work.
After three months of helping them out, the beneficiaries got the hot meal note back. They got the retirement decision and they will start receiving the pension. The man was employed on a probe period to clean up the blocks.
We offered them a hot meal for three months. They have to divide it for both, in order to be able to eat from it three times a day. Through this hot meal offered, we helped their situation to turn stabile.
In support of this, Caritas Eparhial Oradea continues the Sunday of “The Good Samaritan” tradition, day in which is held a special collect under the slogan “Give them something to eat”, being aware by the fact that without your support we can’t insure the minimum necessary for this persons.
Therefore, the money raised in the churches in 13 November 2011, the Sunday of “The good Samaritan”, will be given from each parish to the association.
This year’s collect will be for continuing the “One hot meal for the poor” project, developed by our association with Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Christ, through with 50 person get one hot meal daily.
Fr Olimpiu Todorean
President of
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