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First activities of fundraising coincided with the beginning of social activites and with the first volunteer activities.

In time, the increasing number of beneficiaires of social services ment an increasing needed of resources for this. On the other hand, the development of social services by diversification of support provided to the ones in need and also the introduction of new services and departments imposed the development of fundraising department.

The countinuous challenge this department is confronted with is that of constantly identifying the financial and material resources which support the activities of our association. For this reason, the campaigns and collections run in the past were continued this year, too.

The first fundraising methods experienced by the organisation remained the most constant, being done annually: the 2% campaign, the Easter and Christmas collects and the Merciful Samaritean. Besides, complementary, we are trying new methods, such as: attract new individual donors or sponsorships in money and goods.

2% Campaign

2% Campaign

Starting with 2005, individual who’s incomes are subject to taxation can decide upon 2% of the tax on their income for the previous year. In this way, individuals can direct this percentage for sustaining the activity of a non-profit organisation, in Romania.

The objective of this campaign, set up by ACEO, is the building of a house for elderly people, the Frenţiu House.

The Easter collection of foods

The Easter collection of foods

Families who benefit from support provided by the Department for Social Assistance are supported also with packets with foods. These foods are collected within two major annual collecting campaigns carried on by our organisation, one during the Lent and one during the Advent. The Easter collects are carried on annually, in Oradea, by all Greek-Catholic churches, on every Sunday of the fasting.

Foods donated by believers are received and registered in tables of donations, by our volunteers and then transported to the foods warehouse from where they are distributed according to the intervention plans tailored for each family in difficulty.

The Merciful Samaritean Collection

In November, the Sunday of Merciful Samaritean is the day of a special collection in all Greek-Catholic churches and the money obtained are directed to the most poor members of the community.

The Christmas collection of foods

The Christmas collection of foods

The second annual collection of foods for the poors of the community is carried on for a few consecutive days during Advent time, at the exit of a supermarket from our city. Again, the volunteers’ role is very important. By rotation, they are present 12 hours per day, asking for and receiving the donations. Same like in the case of Easter foods, these are deposited and further on distributed to families in need, through the Department for Social Assistance

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