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1. Projects and Programmes

1. Projects and Programmes

The department was established during the first half of the year 2006, once the first funding request was submitted and approved and thus the first project was implemented. The role of this department is to sustain and develop the other departments of the association. For this reason, the projects the organisation runs are closely connected to its main activities and, through these, with its aim and mission. Thus, we can speak about social projects, socio-medical projects, fundraising projects, charity projects, youth projects, voluntariate projects, cultural projects etc.

Friends for a Smile

Friends for a Smile

The success of a certain activity can be the starting point of a project and once this is continued with other activities and projects, it can become a programme. This is the case of Friends for a Smile Programme, which came into being through the development and continuation of a project aimed on training volunteers to become clowns.

Once the clowns were trained, they started to pay visits, on a weekly basis, to “Gavril Curteanu” Children’s Clinical Hospital from Oradea where, through tricks and magics, they helped the little ones to forget, for a while, the injections and the medical treatment. And the greatest satisfaction for the young volunteer clowns is the smile on the innocent faces of the little ones in sufference.

In time, this programme was supported, every year, through projects specially run in this respect. The young clowns who started their activity in 2006 have passed their knowledge and experience to other youngesters who have continued their activity and these, on their turn have tought others and others. Thus, the team has changed from an year to another, some left, some joined but the activities within this programme continued without interruption and more, these were permanently developed.

Experience helped us understand the fact that sufference is present almost all over, around us. And because there are many children living in villages far from the cities, from cinemas and theatres, the young clowns started, under the coordination of Raluca Naom, preparations for performances adressed to a large audience.

The first show performed by clowns took place on December 1st, National Day of Romania. Hundreds of children but also parents and grandparents had fun for an hour, laughed at comical moments and concentrated on magic moments but, in the end the most fortunate were the children who have received an animal or an object manufactured from a baloon and have got a painting on their face.

A warm meal for the poor

A warm meal for the poor

The programme was innitially designed as a programme for an indefinite period of time. The aim is to offer a warm meal to those who are most in need. The beneficiaries of this service are mainly homeless people whom, even they have foods, they dont’t have the proper conditions or the capacity to cook for themeselves.

Within this programme, we provide a warm meal, on a daily basis, for 30 persons from Oradea.

Project in 2008: Civic and social involvement

Project in 2008: Civic and social involvement

Coordinator Adela Ghiţulescu

Period: April 1st – June 30th, 2008

Project cost: 3,500 lei

Co-funding from County Council: 3,000 lei


To promote the concept of volunteering and increase the number of young volunteers.


1. Between April 1st – 30th, 2008 a number of 5,000 leaflets, 500 brochures and 200 posters on volunteering theme will be printed.

2. Organise 3 training seminars on volunteering and civic involvement adressed to 45 youngsters


3. Participate within the National Week of Volunteering with a stand for promoting volunteering

4. Involve youngsters in volunteer civic and social activities, starting with April 15th, 2008.


Thanks to the promotional materials delivered at the stand organised within the National Week of Volunteering, the level of information on this topic as well as the interest and the involvement in volunteering activities has increased among youngsters.

Part of the 47 volunteers who participated in our training seminars on volunteering and civic involvement started to work as volunteers within our association, in activities such as: distribution of warm meal, colecting foods, 2% campaign, home cleaning for old, solitary or ill persons, visits at children’s hospital etc.

Project in 2008: Bringing individual donors

Project in 2008: Bringing individual donors

Coordinator: Adela Ghiţulescu

Period: 1.06 - 30.06.2008

Project cost: 12,650 lei

Funder: Association for Community Relations through „Resources for Viability” Fund supported by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe: 4,000 lei


Financial support for A warm meal Programme


1. Involve a number of 10 volunteers in rasing funds from individual donors.

2. Bring a number of 20 individual donors closed to the organisation and of a number of 40 external donors.


Twelve volunteers of our organisation actively participated in fundraising activity. The outcome was 30 persons closed to our organisation and 79 externals became donors for A warm meal Programme. This way, a new modality of fundraising was developed. The value of donations and their frequency varies from donor to donor.

Project in 2008: “Alcoholism prevention”

Project in 2008: “Alcoholism prevention”

Coordinator: Lazăr Ana-Maria

Period: September 1st – November 15th, 2008

Project cost: 11,640 lei

Co-funding from County Council: 10,000 lei

Aim: To reduce the harmful consequences of alcohol consumption among teenagers in Oradea.


Carry out a statistical research regarding the level of knowledge on what concerns the alcohol harmful effects amongst youngsters from Oradea.

Prepare and carry out the campaign aimed to prevent alcohol abuse.

Evaluate the campaign results by evaluating the level of awareness youngsters have in what concerns the harmful consequences of alcohol abuse.

Project beneficiaries: 7.000 youngsters from Oradea.



The evaluation questionnaire, designed by a sociologist, aimed to show the level of information teenagers have regarding harmful effects of alcoholism and their attitude towards alcohol consumption.

Colaboration contracts were signed with 8 schools from Oradea where the questionnaire was applied. 12 young volunteers visited 29 classes where 649 students responded the questions and filled in the questionnaire.

Once the data provided by questionnaires were gathered and processed, the study was carried on. This was possible due to the colaboration with Emanuel University from Oradea, specifically with Ioan Popoviciu, PhD and Salomeea Popoviciu, PhD at the university.

Based on this study, informative publications were produced: brochures, leaflets, posters and balloons which later were distributed to students from Oradea schools, public places and on the street. The outcome of this campaign was evaluated at the end of the project, following the post-test application of the questionnaire.

The alcohol abuse topic was approached in a press conference organised at the project launch as well as within two radio programmes.

Project in 2008: Clowns on stage

Project in 2008: Clowns on stage

Coordinator: Ghiţulescu Adela

Period: September 1st – November 30th, 2008

Project cost: 12,400 lei

Co-funding from County Council: 10,000 lei


To involve youngsters in cultural activities by organising stage shows performed by the clowns’ team


1. Between September 1st-30th, 2008, 10 training courses for stage shows will be organised by clowns’ team. The clowns will be trained by 5 Italian clown-trainers.

2. Between October 1st-November 30th, 8 stage-performances will be organised by clowns in placement centres, foster houses, special schools or isolated villages from Bihor County.

3. During the second period of project implementation the clowns’ team to be provided with specific stage equipments.

Beneficiaires of this project are children and youngsters from placement centres or foster houses as well as youngsters from isolated villages from Bihor County area.



As an outcome of the media events this project was promoted through – two press conferences and a radio programme, another 8 youngsters enrolled as volunteers thus joining the already existing team of clowns. Together with the other youngsters they have participated at the 10 courses which took place within the preparation activities of the performances.

Before the performances started, the stage equipments for clowns were acquired. And because every clown has interpreted a specific character, the costumes were different and thus the theme of each costume was adequated to the character that was presented.

The new equipments, specific for stage, the large number of clowns performing for the large public, the new elements of magic, tricks and adequate make-up ensured, from the beginnings the success of this project and of its team of clowns. The performances took place in far-off communities of the county as well as in special schools.

All the clowns’ performances proved to be a big success, children and youngsters being always attracted by the characters on the stage, by the jugglings and magic elements specially prepared for them. The large number of participants at shows, the applauses in the end but most of all, the smiles on the young faces were always the guarantee of success.

Project in 2008: Development of fundraising capacity

Coordinator: Ghiţulescu Adela

Period: 15.10.2008 - 31.10.2008

Value of scholarship: 18,500 lei

Funder: Association for Community Relations through „Resources for Viability” Fund: 1,850 lei


To acquire a soft for managing the data base with information on various funders as well as the organisation’s fundraising activities.


Thanks to this scholarship we managed to create an instrument that is essential in running the fundraising activity. This soft allows storage, classification and use of information about donors and sponsors, donations and sponsorships.

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