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Since the beginning of its activity, Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association promoted, besides other Christian principles, the principle of voluntarism. This was done by involving people in organisation’s activities on a voluntary basis, without being financially rewarded for it. These people are called volunteers and they offer part of their time and energy for the benefit of others.

The volunteers of Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association are different one from the other, from all points of view: age, occupation, educational background, religious denomination etc. Nevertheless, they have always served for the good of the beneficiaries, taking part in the majority of the activities: foods collection, foods distribution, clothes and warm meal, home sanitary cleaning, manufacture seasons’ greetings cards, tailor activities, clowns’ performances etc.


For us, our volunteers’ work is very precious and irreplaceable. At the end of each year, when we draw the bottom line and review our work along the year, we realise that many of the organisation’s achievments were possible due to the involvement of the volunteers. We are thankful to all those who’ve chosen to offer a few hours from their precious time for helping us in finding solutions to the problems of the community. Even we celebrate them every year, in January, on „Caritas Volunteer’s Day” when we take the opportunity to publicly thank all the volunteers, we know this is not sufficient. In the same time, we are aware that, no matter how much we would struggle, the reward for those who dedicate their work for others is not totally here.


Number of active volunteers:

- 2011 – registered volunteers 169, active volunteers 95

- 2012 - registered volunteers 231, active volunteers 198

- 2013 - registered volunteers 365, active volunteers 141

- 2014 - registered volunteers 435, active volunteers 169

- 2014 - registered volunteers 250, active volunteers 165

Dear volunteers, we thank all of you who’ve chosen to stay with us in an exceptional year. 2008 was a year of development for our organisation. To a large extent, our achievements were possible due to the dedication you’ve proved. No matter the programme or activity you’ve participated in, your effort is appreciated and we are greatful for you’ve joined Caritas team in its struggle for solving community’s problems.

Easter Goods Collection

Easter Goods Collection

Like in the previous years, in 2016, the volunteers helped us with the Easter Goods Collection in three out of the five parishes where this took place.

- 32 volunteers

- 243 hours of work

- more than 1.800 lei economical value

Christmas Goods Collection

Christmas Goods Collection

In 2016, it took place at two supermarkets from Oradea ERA Shopping Park and Selgros Cash & Carry and, again, volunteers proved to be very active by spreading flyers, collecting foods and receiving donations.

- 118 volunteers

- 470 hours of work

- more than 3.500 lei economical value

Social Canteen

Social Canteen

The Social Canteen is a social service where volunteers serve the homeless with food. In addition to this, they are talking to the people who serve their daily meal at the Social Center and they offer them a smile.

In 2016:

- 81 volunteers

- 1497 hours of work

- more than 10.000 lei (2.200 euro) economical value


Includes those sporadical activities, such as: download the truck with supplies, translations, complete the data base.

- 10 volunteers

- 65 hours of work

- 425 lei economical value

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