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„A warm meal for the poor” Programme

„A warm meal for the poor” Programme

This programme is a service provided since October 2006. Within this programme, 30 people benefit, on a daily basis, from a warm meal consisting of two dishes and bread by using an individual ticket they receive at the beginning of each month. The lenghth of period they receive this meal is clearly mentioned in the Tailored Intervention Plan, depending on each one’s needs and resources available. This period can last between a month and six months. Monthly, each case is evaluated within the intervision meeting and, if the beneficiary meets the selection criteria already set up, the period the support is provided is extended.

During 2008, 60 persons in total have benefit fom this programme. For most of our beneficiaires, this is the main and only meal they have per day. It is the meal that keeps them alive and we stand by them through this aid.

Being homeless doesn’t mean just someone who lacks self care and disturbs us when passing by, on the street. It was not them who made the decision, at a certain moment, to be poor, to live from others’ help. These people followed their lives’ stream, lived their lives the way they thought it’s the best, took decisions the way they thought it’s the best.

Providing 30 portions of warm meals on a daily basis we make sure that 30 persons who ask for a piece of bread are not refused, 30 persons will not steal from our pockets in order toquench their hunger, 30 persons will not have to rummage in the trash bins. Besides, offering a minimum daily food we try to see if the person has also internal resources which could be turned to account for his or her personal development.

We believe that every person deserves to be treated humanly, we believe in the potential of development each individual has and we know our duty is to understand the weaknesses of the weak, not to judge them. Through this programme we offer a chance for those who want and can improve the quality of their lives and to give a hand of help to those who do not have the needed resources to improve the quality of their lives.

Besides a warm meal, these persons can benefit, according to the needs identified, from:

- support in getting the ID

- support for receiving the guaranteed minimum income

- support for finding a stabile work place

- support for finding good conditions for living

- counselling.

The daily cost of a warm meal for a beneficiary is 10 lei.

This means 300 lei/month/beneficiary.

That is 9000 lei/month/programme.

The necessary funds for this programme are insured from donations. The main donor is The Congregation of Franciscan Missionary Sisters.

The Social Assistance and Support for Families and Individuals in Difficulty service

The activities run within the service are rooted in the organisation’s mission. In 2008, in order to efficiently respond to the needs we’ve met, we’ve diversified the activities those in need can benefit from. The main aim of these activities has in focus the problems’ solving for regaining the stability and financial independence. The specificity of the social services provided by the association is given by the individualised response given to the identified needs of every person or family. The beneficiaires who have benefit from support have gone through a selection where the main criteria was not lack of resources. We’ve supported families and individuals whom, not only were they facing difficulties in covering the basic needs but proved to be motivated and have got actively involved in solving their problems. During the year, the 2 social workers payed visits in order to continuously re-evaluate the needs of the beneficiaires and thus to make possible the set up of an intervention plan providing support that is oriented towards the family problem and not offered as a general support.

The activities carried on respond not only to the needs identified among families but are also a way to promote Christian values through concrete deeds.

In supporting families, professionalism and charity are interweaved and thus this support is being available to a larger category of people in need.

Foods distribution

Foods distribution

Among the basic, physical needs someone has, providing minimum feed is a priority. Though it seems that offering packages with foods esclusively aims to cover this need, we could see, as a result of an efficient resources management, how much indeed a package with foods can help in supporting people to solve thier different problems.

During all year long, 120 families have received packages with basic foods with the main aim to insure the necessary food for families. As a secondary effect of this aid, we’ve contributed to pay the debts and thus prevented the accumulation of an amount of money which would have become impossible to be payed; we’ve insured the development in harmony of the foetus in mother’s womb and prevented the birth with a delay which would have been hard to recover; we’ve insured that children are attending primary school classes on a permanent basis by providing a proper feeding which is the main criteria needed to be met when concentrating at classes. The total value of foods delivered goes up to 19,846 lei.

Clothes distribution

Clothes distribution

Every family who benefits from support has the right to receive, once per month, a set of clothes for each family member. We’ve offered proper clothes for cold season to new born children, children who attend school, families who’s budget does not allow aquisition of clothes, to old people and homeless people.

During 2008 clothes with a total value of 6,140 lei was distributed to 130 families.

During the year we’ve identified a major problem regarding the proper clothes for beginning of school year. A characteristic of the families is that none can afford to allocate an amount of money, no matter how little, for clothes because other needs are priority. Talking to parents we’ve found out that, due to lack of proper clothes, children cannot succeed to get integrated in the class group and they leave school sooner. In order to support these families we’ve received a grant from Fundaţia Principesa Margareta a României and thus, between 15.10.2008 – 15.11.2008 we’ve acquired clothes, shoes and sports equipment in total value of 2,350.00 lei.

Support for beneficiaries’ specific needs

Support for beneficiaries’ specific needs

Giving birth to a child should be a reason of joy. In a family where securing food is a major problem, where living conditions are unsafe, where there is a lack of understanding, love and mutual acceptance between husband and wife the news of a new born is far from being a reason of joy.

Providing direct or indirect support for children had an important place in our activity, during this year. We have intervened with support in families where there was a strong wish to raise the child, despite the difficulties they were facing.

Along the year we’ve helped 11 mothers during pregnancy period, securing medicines, proper foods and facilitating acces to free of charge medical services. After children were born we’ve provided proper food (powder milk) and proper cloths to prevent getting ill. Mothers have alos benefit from counselling in order to be able to face daily stress and challenges in raising their children.

Caritas Eparhial Oradea Association not only promotes the right to life but supports mothers in providing proper conditions for raising a child.

The most vulnerable social category is represented by children. But this category has the biggest potential for development. To invest in childen’s development means to insure the future. We consider that proper education can insure the future. We’ve supported children and their families by providing school supplies with the aim to prevent school abandonment, to motivate them in attending school.

In 2008 we’ve provided school supplies necessary for the well going of the educational-learning process at a value of 1,157.08 lei.

Obtain the ID documents

Providing help does not mean solving one’s problems but helping him/her to solve them him/herself. The most often met obstacle is the lack of official documents and of a work place.

Obtaining the ID and the legal registration for assisted persons is done through the colaboration with the Local Community Public Service for People’s Legal Registration (SPCLEP) Oradea. By allocating the needed financial resources and as a result of a good collaboration with this service, 7 persons got back their legal identity, in some cases after decades they’ve lost it.

The main activity related to obtaining the stability and independence is support provided in finding a stabile and proper work place. Through motivation and responsibility we’ve supported and encouraged beneficiaires’ efforts in finding a work place in accordance with their abilities and professional level. 10 persons were assisted within this activity.

We’ve intervened in emergency situations, have supported families at risk of losing the safety given by a stabile home. We’ve supported 7 families in paying debts that have accumulated in time by contributing to bill payment or by facilitating the payment.

Home visits

Home visits

We’ve supported persons in sufference and their families by providing proper medical treatment and by insuring hygienical and medical supplies with the aim to improve their quality of life.

In order to prevent old persons getting ill we’ve provided woods for fire along cold season for 5 solitary persons whom, without our help, would have had to bear very low temperatures in their homes, without any posibility to warm up their homes, at least in the evenings. We’ve also provided proper conditions for preparing food by filling the gas tanks.

Besides the material aid consisting of medicines or necessary supplies for daily living we’ve offered support to old people by visiting them on a periodical basis. The care for relations between generations is considered no more a value, a family neglects more often the care for an old who, sometimes is also ill. Nothing is more sad than the image of an old person with a rich life experience who is disregarded, left aside like an object functioning no more and which is considered a burden for the family.

We’ve supported persons who suffer from loneliness, who lack appreciation, afection, who are longing for beloved ones but who don’t visit or phone them.

By visiting these persons we’ve identified the need and posibility of getting more actively involved in the process of life quality improvement for persons in sufference. For the next year we are planning to establish a service adressed to these persons which will offer them medical care and adequate social support according to their special needs and requirements.

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